Activities in Playa de las Américas – Tenerife

Playa de las Américas has a great attraction within the Canary Islands and throughout Spain in general, for its excellent climate, its great hotel development and a great tourist tradition that has been strengthened over the years, making the industry grow Once again, with many more experiences to offer travelers.

The recreational activities that can be carried out in Playa de las Américas in Tenerife, ranging from trips in small boats, to go to the spectacular parks that the area has.

In this post we will mention some of the most relevant options to have a great experience in this “little piece of heaven”.

Whale and dolphin watching

You can live this great experience, either on a catamaran or on a sailboat, everything will depend on the adventurous spirit with which you count.

In the first instance, you must take into account the option of seeing dolphins and whales in full freedom aboard a beautiful catamaran. You can enjoy the sighting of cetaceans in Playa de las Américas, which is one of the most popular and outstanding activities you can find in Tenerife.

You can also do it is a spectacular sailboat, with a walk along the coast that will also give you a great landscape in the depth of the ocean.

Pyramid of Arona

Another option in Playa de las Américas is the Pyramid of Arona, an exceptional place to enjoy the Spanish dance of great level, the best dancers or dancers you will find in this place, and that is, the show is unmatched and will leave you a pleasant memory.

The emotion and passion in particular, is transmitted by each professional that will make your hands redden after applauding them for minutes. Undoubtedly, the best you’ll find in Tenerife.

In addition, it is a great architectural structure that will amaze you for its beauty.

Light and music source

The Fountain of Light and Music of Playa de las Américas is a visual pleasure for all who visit this area, so much so that it is said that whoever does not visit this place, has simply not visited Tenerife.

It is a real attraction for the eyes and ears, you will be delighted with its surroundings, it is ideal to walk and take some good photographs to remember. The shops, the palm trees, everything. This area of ​​a set of aspects that fill the place with harmony and becomes one of the activities to do when you visit us.

The combination of lights, water and beautiful melodies will leave you captive with the fountain and everything that surrounds it. The fountain has activities and different schedules, especially at nightfall with all its darkness, that is, after 9pm in summer.


The FlyBoard is another recreational activity with which you have in this tourist area. If you want a bit of extreme action you can get on a board that uses water as a propulsion, since the aforementioned board is connected to a marine motorbike which serves as the engine for its main objective, to fly over the sea thanks to force against of this one

For those who are looking for fun, they can opt for the Flyboard, if you are accompanied you can have someone else to control the movements or you can have control yourself.

Diving and snorkeling

You are in the sea and of course you want to know its depths. Another activity is diving, in the place you will find true professionals who will assist you to see that new world underwater.

The truth is that it is very exciting to see the fish and other marine species in their own habitat, with the guidance of professionals that make it a fun and safe activity. And if you want to immerse yourself even more, right on the seabed, snorkeling also has its place.

A few minutes you will find various theme parks and depending on the season, you can enjoy tournaments and world-class surfing exhibitions that will make you have a good time with this spectacular sport.

In Playa de las Américas, there is no shortage of recreational activities, the place has been growing and adapting to meet the tastes of each traveler who has made this destination, your best choice for vacations.